Research Student Updates

My research students were, as usual, doing great things during spring 2019. They continue to impress and amaze me with their creativity, dedication to the projects, and detail oriented work ethic. I am very proud of their growth as students and scholars!

Check out pictures from the student poster session at the spring 2019 Towson University Development and Research Conference in the Gallery. Vince Schiavone, Dominique Hawkins, and Lorraine Black all presented their work. Their posters can be found on the Cyber Tigers page.

Of course these opportunities would not be possible without support. Thanks to the Construction Industry Institute for supporting Vince and Dominique, and Towson University for their ongoing support of our work on elections security. Thanks to the BTU Initiative, we’ve been able to add three more students to that project! Katerine Delgado, Katerina Ieromonahos, and Vince Schiavone have joined Lorraine Black and Saraubi Harrison to work on training modules for pollworkers. Stay tuned to learn more about their work as it develops, and check out the Cyber Tigers page for more information!