Handbook of Military and Defense Operations Research

Co-edited with James P. Howard, II

Forthcoming from CRC Press, expected 2020

Operations research (OR) is a core discipline in military and defense management. Coming to the forefront initially during World War II, OR provided critical contributions to managing supply chains, strategic simulation, and enabled superior management for Allied forces. Since these early days, OR has grown to include analytics and many applications, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and big data, and is the cornerstone of management science in manufacturing, advertising, telecommunications, and many other fields. In the Handbook of Military and Defense Operations Research (MDOR), we will present the voices leading OR and analytics to new heights in security through research, practical applications, and lessons learned in the field.

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Mathematics in Cyber Research

Co-edited with COL Paul Goethals and COL Daniel Bennett

Forthcoming from CRC Press, expected 2021

The objective of Mathematics in Cyber Research is to familiarize educators and young researchers with the breadth of mathematics in cyber-related research. Chapters that introduce a mathematical sub-field, describe relevant work in this field associated with the cyber domain, provide methods and tools, as well as detail cyber research case studies are welcomed. Topics of interest may consist of, but are not limited to, metrics, probability models, techniques in data analysis, graph theory, modern algebra, set theory, cryptography, game theory, complex analysis, linear algebra, and visualization methods. Of significant importance is the relationship of these topics to cyber systems, processes, or applications where cybersecurity is of paramount interest.

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