Handbook of Military and Defense Operations Research

Scheduled Table of Contents

Last update: October 2, 2019

The Handbook of Military and Defense Operations Research is in production and now available for pre-order on Amazon. James and I are excited about the content in this volume, and we anticipate that you will also find it valuable.

Below please find our scheduled Table of Contents:


1.     “Modern Data Analytics for the Military Operations Researcher”

Raymond R. Hill, Air Force Institute of Technology

2.     “Microsoft Excel: The Universal Tool of Analysis”

Joseph M. Lindquist, United States Military Academy

Charles A. Sulewski, United States Military Academy

3.     “Military Decision Analysis”

Roger Chapman Burk, United States Military Academy


4.     “Military Workforce Planning and Manpower Modeling”

Nathaniel D. Bastian, United States Military Academy

Andrew O. Hall, United States Military Academy


5.     “Military Assessments”

Lynette Arnhart, United States Army (Retired)

Marvin King, United States Army


6.     “Threatcasting in a Military Setting”

Natalie Vanatta, United States Military Academy

Brian David Johnson, Arizona State University


7.     “Analytical Modeling of Stochastic Systems”

Roger Chapman Burk, United States Military Academy


8.     “Modern Methods for Characterization of Social Networks Through Network Models”

Christine M. Schubert Kabban, Air Force Institute of Technology

Fairul Mohd-Zaid, Air Force Research Laboratory

Richard F. Deckro, Air Force Institute of Technology


9.     “Process Optimization Through Structured Problem Solving”

David M. Bernacki, United States Air Force

Robert E. Hamm, Jr., United States Air Force

Hung-da Wan, University of Texas at San Antonio


10.  “Simulation Optimization”

Shane N. Hall, OptTek Systems, Inc.

Brian M. Wade, United States Army Training and Doctrine Analysis Center – Monterey

Benjamin G. Thengvall, OptTek Systems, Inc.


11.  “Analytical Test Planning for Defense Acquisitions”

Darryl K. Ahner, Office of the Secretary of Defense Scientific Test and Analysis Techniques Center of Excellence

Gina Sigler, Office of the Secretary of Defense Scientific Test and Analysis Techniques Center of Excellence



12.  “Why Won’t They Use Our Model?”

Walt DeGrange, CANA Advisors

Wilson L. Price, Université Laval


13.  “From BOGSAT to Turbo Teams”

F. Freeman Marvin, Innovative Decisions, Inc.



14.  “A Model for and Inventory of Cybersecurity Values: Metrics and Best Practices”

Natalie M. Scala, Towson University

Paul L. Goethals, United States Military Academy


15.  “Applying Information Theory to Validate Commanders’ Critical Information Requirements”

Mark A. C. Timms, Department of National Defence, Canada

David R. Mandel, Defence Research and Development Canada

Jonathan D. Nelson, University of Surrey


16.  “Modeling and Inferencing of Activity Profiles of Terrorist Groups”

Vasanthan Raghavan, Qualcomm, Inc.


17.  “Expert COSYSMO Systems Engineering Cost Model and Risk Advisor”

Raymond Madachy, Naval Postgraduate School

Ricardo Valerdi, University of Arizona



18.  “How Data Science Happens”

James P. Howard, II, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

19.  “Modernizing Military Operations Research Education”

Chris Arney, United States Military Academy

Michael Yankovich, United States Military Academy

Krista Watts, United States Military Academy


20.  “Strategic Analytics and the Future of Military Operations Research”

Greg H. Parlier, North Carolina State University