Welcome to my web home!  I am a tenured associate professor and director of the graduate programs in supply chain in the College of Business and Economics at Towson University.  My research leads to applied solutions that have lasting impact for organizations.  I specialize in decision analysis, and I work to enable organizations and individuals to make better, fact based decisions.  I provide consulting services as an analyst with Innovative Decisions, Inc., and I have extensive experience working with government clients and in the electric utility industry.  I incorporate my industry experiences into my teaching, and my philosophy is to enable students to understand and create analytics by instilling confidence and self-efficacy.  Please scroll down and navigate to learn more about my research, books, teaching, and student opportunities.



My research is in decision analysis, with applications in cybersecurity, defense, and spare parts.  I am also published in analytics education, baseball pitcher substitution, and other areas.

Cyber Tigers

Towson University students who want to make an impact through applied research can learn more about earning course credit for and outreach opportunities about their work.


I am currently teaching Business Analytics and recently created curriculum on cyber risk management for the Cyber4All initiative.  I've also taught Operations Management, Probability and Statistics, and other courses.

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