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Projects, Blog - Photo at 2017 Maryland Manufacturing Day with Governor Larry Hogan - Credit Executive Office of the Governor

Cyber Tigers - Photo with student researchers - Credit Laura Braddick, Towson University College of Business and Economics

Books, Grants and Contracts - Photo at 2017 BTU Showcase - Credit Toby Porterfield, Towson University College of Business and Economics

Media, Contact - Photo of Stephens Hall - Credit Kanji Takeno, Towson University


According to INFORMS, the publisher of Decision Analysis:

"Green Option--- Authors may post their author accepted manuscript (AAM) on personal websites, scholarly collaboration networks, or noncommercial institutional repositories immediately after acceptance. Posted AAMs must include the DOI (permalink) provided by INFORMS to the final published version of record. Authors may not post their final published version of record except where authorized under an INFORMS Open Option open access publication license."

Via the above policy, the AAM for "Eliminating the Weakest Link Approach to Army Unit Readiness" is available on my Projects page.

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