Lorraine's Blog Post and Paper

Lorraine Black wrote a great blog post for AACSB on how her business education at Towson University, including her research experiences, will help her create social change.  You can read the post here and also find it in the Profiles section on my Media page.  Lorraine just graduated in May (congrats!), and we plan to continue working together on cyber related research.  She is the lead author on "Values and Trends in Cybersecurity," which was just published in May 2018 in the proceedings of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference.  She concludes that different populations value different attributes when securing their cyber systems, and her paper is the first step in our research in value models for cyber.  You can find her paper here as well as in the Cybersecurity section of my Projects page.

New Article in Decision Analysis

Paul Goethals and I appear in the June 2018 issue of Decision Analysis, which is a top-rated INFORMS journal.  We example military readiness, using the United States Army as a case study, and propose an improved composite metric that has greater precision, flexibility, and robustness.  A more detailed synopsis of the paper is on my Projects page.  On that page, you will find a DOI link to the published article and the author accepted manuscript (AAM).  Please note that the AAM was not page proofed and is not the final version of the article.  We encourage you to use the final publication available via the DOI for your research.  More information about the AAM is on my Credits page.  Thanks for your interest in the work!

Profile on Elections Research + New Grants

Towson University just published a profile of Megan Price, who is the lead student on our research on voting systems.  Megan specifically looked at threats to polling places, identifying cyber, physical, and insider vulnerabilities.  She also laid the foundation for a risk model to manage and mitigate threat.  

Megan's work is profiled here.  You can also find a link to the article on my Media page and learn more about her project on the Cyber Tigers page.

Megan just graduated (congrats to her!), and I'm happy that we are continuing her project.  We've earned summer research funding from the College of Business and Economics to support developing the risk model, as well as seed funding from the School of Emerging Technologies to create educational materials for Election Judges.  My co-PI for the educational materials is Dr. Josh Dehlinger.  More information on these grants can be found on my Grants and Contracts page.

We will be making an applied impact with this work and continue to strengthen the security of Maryland's elections. 

Welcome & New Column

Welcome to my blog!  I will be sharing various updates here, and I'm really looking forward to letting you know about the great work my students are doing.  The end of the spring semester always has plenty of opportunities to share and disseminate the work done over the academic year, so please look for more updates soon...

For now, I'm pleased to share my latest column in Industrial Management magazine.  I am a periodic contributor to this publication from the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, and some of my columns have focused on values and trends in cybersecurity.  My latest column ties my student's paper to this theme.  You can find the column here and on my Media page.  You can find Lorraine's paper here and also on my Projects page in the Cybersecurity section.  Please Contact Me if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.  Enjoy!