Titles Forthcoming from CRC Press / Taylor & Francis

I have two titles forthcoming from CRC Press, which is a division of Taylor and Francis. The first title, the Handbook of Military and Defense Operations Research, is expected in early 2020. Authors are in the final stages of revisions, and my co-editor, Dr. James Howard, and I are excited about the breadth of topics - both theoretical and applied - that will be covered in this text. It will be a must-have for students and practitioners working in the military and defense space.

The second title, Mathematics in Cyber Research, is in the early stages. COL Paul Goethals and COL Daniel Bennett are my co-editors, and this volume will address how various areas of mathematics can be applied to cyber research and analysis. Submissions to this volume are by invitation; Paul, Daniel, and I are finalizing our list of authors. The volume is expected in 2021.

The target audience of both volumes will be students and early career practitioners. We hope the topics covered are accessible to that audience and can help to bridge the gap between theoretical classroom knowledge and applied problem solving. Sign up here to learn more about the Handbook of Military and Defense Operations Research and here to learn more about Mathematics in Cyber Research.