Profile on Elections Research + New Grants

Towson University just published a profile of Megan Price, who is the lead student on our research on voting systems.  Megan specifically looked at threats to polling places, identifying cyber, physical, and insider vulnerabilities.  She also laid the foundation for a risk model to manage and mitigate threat.  

Megan's work is profiled here.  You can also find a link to the article on my Media page and learn more about her project on the Cyber Tigers page.

Megan just graduated (congrats to her!), and I'm happy that we are continuing her project.  We've earned summer research funding from the College of Business and Economics to support developing the risk model, as well as seed funding from the School of Emerging Technologies to create educational materials for Election Judges.  My co-PI for the educational materials is Dr. Josh Dehlinger.  More information on these grants can be found on my Grants and Contracts page.

We will be making an applied impact with this work and continue to strengthen the security of Maryland's elections.