Mathematics in Cyber Research

INformation for authors

Last update: June 17, 2019


If you have not already submitted your chapter proposal, please provide your outline prior to July 15, 2019. Invited authors should provide your proposed chapter topic and 1-2 paragraphs that outline your work and contribution. Please email your proposals to (1) Paul: (2) Natalie: and (3) Dan:

Submitting Your Chapter

Please email your full chapter to (1) Paul: (2) Natalie: and (3) Dan: in accordance with the formatting guidelines.

As a guideline, we are looking for chapters to be at least 7,000 words and not more than 11,000 words, which is roughly between 30 and 50 pages double-spaced. Please also include the completed metadata template and permissions document with your chapter submission (details below).


Your chapter can be submitted in either Microsoft Word or LaTeX format.  Instructions and templates for each software package are from CRC Press and provided below.  

Microsoft Word: Style Guidelines | Template Instructions | Template

LaTeX: Style Guidelines | Template  Please set file trim marks to 7X10; instructions are in the template.

Please note that the book will print in black & white/grayscale; avoid including any color images.  Guidelines for Images


To facilitate indexing and chapter management, please complete the chapter metadata template using Microsoft Word.

Metadata Template  

Please email the completed template to Paul, Natalie, and Dan when submitting your chapter.  The template requests (1) author name(s), (2) author ORCiD ID(s), (3) chapter title, (4) 150-200 word abstract.  This data should replace the orange shaded text sections.  If you do not have an ORCiD, please register for one at


CRC Press is requiring each author team to submit a permissions form for each chapter.  This document addresses any content that needs permissions to published, due to previous copyright or other rights.  Even if you do not include any content of this type in your chapter, you will still need to submit the form declaring as such.  

Permissions Form | Guidelines | STM Permissions | Permissions Flowchart | FAQs

Contributor Agreements

CRC Press will be in touch with each author team in the future regarding a contributor agreement.